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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The real reason for the Government's troubles: Moles and bad acting

The real reason for the Government's troubles: Moles and bad acting

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The real reason the Abbott Government is in such trouble is because there are two ALP moles in its highest ranks, writes Ray Barraclough.

I BELIEVE I have found the real reason why the current Australian government faces internal turmoil.

The evidence comes to me repeatedly from what I see in the public performance of two of the major figures involved.

I say "performance" deliberately because that is the key to this
revelation. It has to do with acting and acting skills. (Or the absence
of some such skills, as I will explain.)

At the outset, let me state what I have discerned. And I am keenly
aware that what I say may come as a surprise to you, for none of the
commentators in the media seem to have grasped what is actually

It is this. There are two ALP "moles" in the highest ranks of the
Cabinet. And it is in watching their press conferences and interviews
that I have come to discern vital clues indicating that this is the case
in regard to these two powerful politicians.

The major "mole" is Tony Abbott.

His minder has obviously told him to learn his lines thoroughly. That
means time to be spent off-stage repeating the lines over and over
again to get them lodged in his brain. Unfortunately, because Tony has
not been trained in drama school, he has not realised that in the real
performance the lines need only to be said once. The constant repetition
of the same lines is for rehearsals, not for speeches in the real

For the second "mole" it is a different, but understandable, failure in stage craft.

Like many of us who have not been trained in the theatre, Scott
Morrison tends to over-act. I surmise that his minder (or minders) have
advised him to play the role of a good cabinet minister, coming across
with an air of infallibility and a steady, but not 'in your face',

But given Scott's drive and energy — he overacts. So, instead of a
humble infallibility, it tends to be an intense infallibility. Instead
of just steady arrogance it is menacing arrogance. I sometimes have to
take a step back from my TV set during a 7:30 interview on the ABC. because of Scott's 'over-the-top' acting style.

Though I will say this for Scott. He has mastered the stage
appearance that Raymond Burr was able to potray so menacingly in Alfred
Hitchcock's famous movie Rear Window.

I almost forgot to mention the other compelling evidence for the
"mole" scoop — namely that there have been a number of adroit Abbott
decisions designed to weaken the Government but which have been well
covered up by the repetition of words like "consult", "colleagues",
"team"  and "captain".

The most glaring was he knighthood decision. That almost gave him
away. It was far too clumsy. But none of his colleagues stumbled on the
real reason or on the overall consistent strategy.

Anyway, that is my prognosis. Now, how can I get anyone to be my
"mole" in, say, the Murdoch press to share this insight with my fellow
members of Team Australia?

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