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Saturday, 8 November 2014




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Will Brandis Shirt-Front Morrison?  Can Morrison please be the Demtel Man?

Will Brandis Shirt-Front Morrison? Can Morrison please be the Demtel Man?

demtel brandisWe often ask each other “If you had a superpower what would it be?”  Scott Morrison’s superpower was revealed yesterday. He gets to throw people out of the country.  This person was not an Asylum Seeker with brown skin, but a wealthy, white, “female attraction expert” or (Misogynicus Piggius). After a very active social media campaign, Scott Morrison cancelled the visa of Julien Blanc. Scott Morrison kicked Julien  Blanc out of the country.

This ‘event’ has raised two questions for me. 

If Morrison has this superpower – can he please be the Demtel Man? 

Will George Brandis now Shirt-Front Morrison?

I think to put
my mind into perspective for others I shall need to explain.  Julien
Blanc did nothing criminal during his visit, but what he advocates is
very harmful to women and if implemented by his male followers would see
the physical and sexual harrassment of women in society, escalate.  In a
nutshell what he advocates is offensive and wrong.

Morrison booted him out the country as Morrison did not
agree with Julien Blanc’s freedom of speech nor his freedom of

Although, many
advocate for freedom of speech and freedom of expression. This is a very
good contemporary example of how freedom of speech and freedom of
expression can be harmful to groups of people.  

Freedom of speech was vigorously defended by the LNP who advocated very strongly to Repeal Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act. Particularly because as Abbott demonstrates quite clearly here that There is a great Australian silence – this time about the western canon.” (ie white people)

Tony Abbotts IPA speech

for whatever reason Morrison decided to cancel Blanc’s visa it was done
without Morrison raising the emphasis on free speech that the LNP hold
so dear to their heart.  In this instance, Morrison (hopefully)
understood the harm that Blanc does to the image of and treatment of
women wherever Blanc and his sad posse unfortunately land.  (Maybe LNP
can now join the dots to freedom of speech and how it can cause harm to

Will Brandis, who so vigorously defended Free Speech on QandA recently and who infamously stated “People have the right to be bigots” do anything about this?  Will he actually Shirt-Front Morrison over his lack of cling-to-ridiculous-ideology-even-if-it-hurts-vulnerable-people-and-disrespects-our-first-people
mantra?  How will Brandis now defend the pathetic and harmful stance
that they should repeal Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act
after what Morrison has done today?  What will Brandis’ excuse be for
Morrison, to defend him as part of the LNP? Does this mean that the LNP
are now soft on Freedom of Speech? (If you are a Liberal voter and
this worries you or you are anxious, pull out your wallet, open it up
and breathe in….and out….and in….and out, now….relax. If you don’t have
enough money in your wallet for this breathing & relaxation exercise
to work, you should not be voting Liberal, you Dummkopf!)

The Demtel Man

Now onto why I
want Scott Morrison to be the Demtel Man.  Morrison has the power to
kick people out of the country.  This week he kicked out a vile person
and ignored this person’s right to freedom of speech. Sanity and
humanity finally prevailed.  If only Morrison could be the Demtel man
and yell:

“But wait….there’s more!”

boot out (because freedom of speech & freedom of expression no
longer matter and I find these ‘freedom of speech & freedom of
expression’ listed below just as offensive as Julien Blanc’s harmful
opinion of women!)

Cory Bernardi,
Liberal Senator – For using his freedom of speech to express that it
was ok to put women in a headlock and that marriage equality will lead
to polygamy and bestiality

(But wait there’s more)

Tony Abbott,
Prime Minister of Australia  – For using his freedom of speech to
say offensive things about women, defense personnel, our Indigenous
people and LGBTI to name a few (offensive statements are far too
extensive to include here). (But wait there’s more)

Joe Hockey,
Federal Treasurer  – For using his freedom of speech to express his
distaste and immense dislike for middle income and disadvantaged
Australians by forcing his unfair, sick budget onto us  (But wait there’s more)

Julie Bishop,
Foreign Minister – For using her freedom of speech to imply that Julia
Gillard was a criminal and gained personally from a Union slush fund 20
years ago (Apology NOW Ms. Bishop!) (But wait there’s more)

Bronwyn Bishop,
Speaker of the House – For using her freedom of expression to act upon
partisan smirks and nods at Christopher Pyne, For using her freedom of
speech to restrict freedom of expression for Islamic women and for using
her freedom of speech and freedom of expression to express her hatred
of Labor, which is acted out under section 94a umpteen times in the last
year. (I also thinks she picks on the Member for Gellibrand more than
anyone else – or is that just me?) (But wait there’s more)

Christopher Pyne,
Minister for Education – For using his freedom of speech to express his
of hatred against anyone who desires a higher education (I often
imagine Sturt to be this scary place like hell, where the constituents
have been sent to earth to torture us. Sturt people – please stop!) (But wait there’s more)

Kevin Andrews
– For using his freedom of speech to express his willingness to harm
jobless Australians by forcing them to have no income for six months.
For expressing his view that all people on unemployment are on drugs,
suggesting they be drug tested. For expressing his view that de-facto
couples are not as happy as married couples, and his over-riding mantra
that the unemployed are ‘bludgers who need to be motivated. (But wait there’s more)

Mathias Cormann, Minister
for Finance – For using his freedom of speech to express that being a
girly-man is a bad thing, an insult. Gender is not binary Cormann! For
using his freedom of expression by infamously smoking a cigar
celebrating turfing the poor into the gutter with the LNP’s unfair, sick
budget. (But wait there’s more)

George Brandis, Attorney General – For using his freedom of speech to express that people have a right to be Bigots. (But wait there’s more)

Malcolm Turnbull,
Minister for Communications – For using his freedom of speech to
express it is ok for rural and regional people to not have decent,
reliable, fast internet (Do you think he may be Amish or he has a
fascination with the 1930’s?) (But wait there’s more)

Barnarby Joyce,
Minister for Agriculture – For thinking it was ok to change his freedom
of speech to include things he actually did not say, when he
changed Hansard  (Maybe Kevin Andrews could enlighten Barnaby that
Hansard is for better or for worse, ’til death do us part!) (But wait there’s more).

Nigel Scullion,
Minister for Indigenous Affairs – For using his freedom of speech to
express that money is more important than indigenous women being able to
access safe, respectful, supportive National Family Violence Prevention
and Legal Service. (But wait there’s more)

Greg Hunt
– Minister for the Environment – For using his freedom of speech to
express that he absolutely detests the environment, in everything he
does and says (But wait there’s more)

Peter Dutton
– Minister for Health, For using his freedom of speech to express that
it is OK for the disadvantaged, poor, sick and needy to go without
medical treatment because they can’t afford it and that is is OK that
cancer may not be detected in many, due to the exorbitant costs through
his proposed changes to medicare. (But wait there’s more)

Campbell Newman –
Premier of Queensland, For using his freedom of speech to tell lie
after lie after lie and using his freedom of expression to pose as a
concerned Premier in advertisements instead of a politician spending
public money on advertising in an early campaign. (But wait there’s more)

Liberal Voters – For
using their freedom of expression to vote for the most incompetent,
harmful, hurtful Government, we have had in the history of Australia. (But wait there’s more)

and last but not least – You, Mr. Morrison
 – Boot yourself out of the Country, for your ongoing freedom of
expression and freedom of speech implying that human beings seeking
asylum are less than human beings and should be treated as such.

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