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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

As Investment Advisers, The Liberals Make Alan Bond Look Good! - The AIM Network

As Investment Advisers, The Liberals Make Alan Bond Look Good! - The AIM Network

As Investment Advisers, The Liberals Make Alan Bond Look Good!

Late last year, I wrote about the Liberals’ criticism of the ANU’s decision to divest itself of shares in
fossil fuel companies. As I pointed out, while this was considered
“outrageous” by various senior Liberals, the shares being sold had
actually been losing value, and apart from anything ethical
considerations, it was possibly sound financial sense to sell.

When I’m wrong, I’m happy to admit it. Unfortunately, for those
Liberals who I intend to mock mercilessly, this isn’t one of those
times. Santos shares have continued to dive and I just noticed this
little gem:

Santos shares “worthless” say Credit Suisse.

Now, just last October, Christopher Pyne labelled the ANU’s decision
to sell “bizarre” and Jamie Briggs says that he wrote to the
Vice-Chancellor  demanding an explanation. Well, I can give Mr Briggs an
explanation – the shares are now almost half what they were when they
were sold.

Perhaps, that should be one of the Labor Party’s questions in
Parliament. Are the Government ministers still critical of the move, or
do they now concede that sometimes people in universities might actually
know something, even if Andrew Bolt is better placed to lecture us all
on climate change. Yes, I know that Bronwyn Bishop would rule it out of
order, but it’d be fun to watch.

Just like it was fun to listen to Jamie Briggs tell an ABC
interviewer this morning that her question was out of line because, of
course Tony Abbott was concerned about the SA bushfires, why he’d
commented in response to a question just yesterday, and Mr Briggs
believed that he had spoken to the Premier offering whatever help they
needed. The Premier’s Office seemed unaware of any such call – perhaps
Mr Abbott should have told them who he was.

Here we have the question and response:

Question: And just finally, on the SA bushfires, will there be any assistance package for the people affected?


The standard national disaster relief and recovery arrangements are
already in place. We will shortly have a little bit more to say on the
Centrelink payments which are often made in circumstances like these. I
have been talking regularly to the relevant minister, Michael Keenan, to
Minister Jamie Briggs who has the electorate which has been most
impacted by these fires.Obviously, Australian summers are prone to fire
and flood. It is tragic that we’ve seen, yet again, the ferocity of
Mother Nature, but the thing about Australians is that the worst in
nature tends to bring out the best in us and that’s what we always see
when our emergency services rush to help people in trouble and when
communities rally around those people who have lost a very great deal.

Mm, can’t see why people who’ve lost their homes would feel that Tony’s response lacked empathy!

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