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Saturday, 6 December 2014

A year in the life of the Abbott Government tough guys

A year in the life of the Abbott Government tough guys


For a bunch of tough guys – Tony, Mathias, Smokin Joe et al – it hasn't be a very manly year. Lots of puffy chests, but not of the Arnie variety — more your drooping man-boob kind.

There is a question mark hanging over this government and the question is — just how stupid is it?

They have taken a proud nation and, within a blink of Mandrake’s eye, magically transformed it into a Richie Rich comic.

Or manga.

The primary job of any government is to safeguard its citizens. Our
government plans to do this by outsourcing our primary safeguards.

Japanese subs to patrol our sea lanes, the bloated JSF to control our airspace.

You just know Miranda Devine and the Bolt Boy think this is a sound, economically rational way to go.

They are children. Naïve infants, who have no comprehension of what happens when the shit hits the fan.

Under this Government we have fallen to 11th spot of the Global Corruption Index.

Why? Because there is more corruption.

If there was a national ICAC to expose
the truth, we’d rank a few places lower still. Corruption permeates all
levels of Government, local, state and federal, yet there is no clearly
expressed will to rid us of this scourge.

So, when we combine massive defence expenditure and high-level corruption, what do you think is going to happen?

It’s not good.

Only few weeks ago, the Russians sailed into the Coral Sea and
hung off the Queensland coast. Our subs could not track the flotilla
because their only base is in WA and it’s a long way away, what with the
price of diesel and everything.

Ironically, the role of monitoring the Russian surface fleet fell to anti-submarine warship HMAS Parramatta, which apparently had enough fuel to make it to the Sunshine Coast.

Fortunately, the Australian submarine base, Fleet Base West, aka HMAS Stirling, is not too far from Balthazar restaurant
in Perth because that’s where our Minister for Canoes chooses to work
through the defence budget one $150 bottle of wine at a time.

'To our regular customers, Balthazar has become a trusted place of celebration.'

That’s when he’s not at Adelaide Casino knocking back martinis and scoffing lobster rolls.

It was News Ltd who broke the story of Johnson’s profligacy with the
defence budget — when News Ltd turn on you, you know it’s curtains.

Just how toxic things have become in the Dept of Deefence was clearly shown when retired General Jim Molan, described by former Labor Defence Minister Stephen Smith as a partisan Liberal Party activist, spat the dummy in September and walked out on his well-paid gig as Johnson’s strategic policy advisor.

The Australian noted senior Tory philosopher Andrew Bolt had observed Major-General Molan appeared to be

“... narrowing (his) criticism down to the Minister, David Johnston."

Molan said his job was ‘not feasible’. Maybe he just didn’t like the wine.

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